Media Diary Wednesday

While eating breakfast I turn on the TV for some local news from NWCN.  After the weather forecast I decide there’s nothing else to look forward to and switch to the Travel Channel. 15 minutes

Later on I check my hotmail account.  I scan through my regular mail update from Grist.   I click for more info about  story on recycleable art and a profile of a local restaurant.  From the same Grist mail I link to a P-I article on Seattle’s plastic bag fee and a story from The Stranger’s Slog on the demise of Seattle’s Concious Choice magazine. 10 minutes

Next I open a new e-mail from Climate Solutions featuring a press release applauding congressional leadership on clean energy. 30 seconds

An e-mail from People for Puget Sound informs me that the Invest in Clean Water bill is still in the state legislature and there will be a meeting for activists later in the week. 30 seconds

After logging out of my hotmail I am directed to the MSN frontpage.   With my roommates in the kitchen prepping dinner, I click on an article with advice on slow-cookers. 2 minutes

At the gym that evening I notice the Sportscenter broadcast but don’t really pay any attention.


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