Reflecting on consumption habits

Between moving rooms and settling into week one after a long Spring Break I had a very light week in terms of media consumption.  At the same time I can see that I still consumed more news than I had thought.  This in part because a good amount of my news consumption is what I would call passive.  My news comes to me.  Since I’m subscribed to a variety of listservs, my e-mail account receives a barrage of information.  The main question is being at my e-mail with the time/interest to go through everything.  I also noticed that when consuming news online I am very likely to jump from link to link.  It doesn’t really matter where a story is originally published, I’m more concerned about content.  For example, one e-mail sent me from Grist to the P-I to the Slog.  Each publication is distinct from the other but all three happened to have stories that appealed to my interest for environmentally-themed news.

Overall, my amount of news consumption is very irregular.  It has a lot to do with how much time I spend at a computer on any given day.  Although I didn’t keep track I would guess that on average I consume much more news in the first half of the week than the second half.

Another note is that often read/watch the news during meals.  One of the only times I ever turn on local cable news is during breakfast.  Also, I didn’t include one major source of news: people!  On any given day I intereact with countless people who might tell me anything from a snippet about the weather to a detailed political commentary.  I also didn’t include Facebook.  Are someone’s pictures and captions from last night’s concert news? Probably.

I would say that I probably spend much less time online, and much less time consuming news online, than most of my peers.  However, I regularly read the print version of National Geographic and am always working on at least one book.


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