Don’t forget the audio

As multimedia journalism increases in popularity many journalists are becoming jacks-of-all-trades.  While video is a captivating form of storytelling, it’s important not to forget how much can be accomplished with sound.  Some stories lend themselves perfectly to audio.  This piece from NPR is a profile of musician Bela Fleck and his trip to Africa to visit the roots of banjo music.  Voiceovers are interwoven with various interviews and music samples.  The editor did a great job adding flow to the story by alternating between the narrator, interviewees and music. 

This is unique program from UpFrontAfrica.  Two announcers discuss the main topic, genocide in Africa, while incorporating outside sources.  They utilize audio comments from listeners and interviews with experts to get a variety of opinions on the topic.  Relevant music makes a heavy topic more lively and also helps bridge the gap between news and entertainment.

Here is an example of a very simple profile piece that accomplishes its goal.  The quality of the audio isn’t great; however, the reporter takes short clips from two different interviews and combines them with voiceovers to weave a story that’s very easy to follow.


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