Use multimedia and use it well

“Blogs without art are lame.”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement from Journalism 2.0.  Technology allows even the most amateur blogger to post good quality multimedia content.  Both audio and video are fairly easy to capture and can add emotion and depth to a story far beyond text.  Briggs offers a few key considerations before incorporating audio or photos into a blog.


  • Record and edit in a loss-less format (.wav)
  • If it’s for the web, convert to .mp3 before publishing
  • It’s important to choose the most appropriate mic for the story (lav for individuals or to limit ambient sound)
  • Record natural sound! It helps bring the listener to the place
  • Be wary of excess natural sound so it doesn’t detract from subject
  • Use a standard file naming format to stay organized
  • Make sure files are in stereo
  • Note time points during an interview for quick access to a good quote
  • Podcasts are a great tool for beat reporters
  • Never edit an original file!


  • Pixel = visual data
  • Digital cameras mean you can take lots of photos to try to get one good one
  • Move around to experiment with different angles
  • Most computer monitors work with 72 ppi
  • If you need to print a photo it should be 300 dpi
  • 3.2 megapixels translates to a good 5×7 photo
  • Just like audio it’s best to capture and edit in loss-less formats and then compress before web publishing.
  • Be aware of lighting! Too much sun often leads to poor photos
  • Focus on what the picture needs to tell.  Eliminate extraneous details.
  • Never edit an original file!

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