Information + graphic

Well constructed infographics are amazing device for synthesizing and communicating data into a visual format.

This example from National Geographic is a great example of a simple infographic that clearly and effectively relays the information.  It’s about population growth in the 20 largest cities in the world.  Displaying the cities on a map gives the viewer an instant geographical reference and allows him to place cities with which he might not be familiar.   The three numbers clearly show the growth pattern and prediction for each city.  The circles also serve as easy symbol of relative size.

Here is an infographic from Deliver Magazine (pdf only) about what “the mail” consists of for the average person.  The icons are very intuitive and enable the viewer to quickly get an overview.  The text and numbers provide further concrete data to complement the visuals.

This is another great example of an infographic from National Geographic.  I like this one because it does a great job of visually representing the numbers.  The data is much more powerful in this format than mere text alone.


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  1. Hi, Scott – would you please link to the original UK article about mail?


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