Great Video News

I consider MediaStorm the example for amazing web video news stories.  While any of their projects are worthy of praise, my personal favorite is Jim Lo Scalzo’s brutally honest memoir, Evidence of my Existence.  The story chronicles how his job  has directed his life.  As an award-winning photojournalist, he digs into a wealth of stories to pull out specific examples that highlight his experience in the industry.  His voiceovers are genuine and keep up a smooth yet varied pace.  The combination of animations, photos and video footage is expertly blended to portray the chaos and non-stop nature of his work.  As the Journalism 2.0 reading points out, it shows how one man can be his own news room.

There’s been no shortage of press on the Obama presidency.  This report from Edwin Okong’o gives a unique perspective why Obama is so popular among Kenyans.  The story doesn’t rely on “full-screen-only, bandwidth hogging HD video” as cautioned against by Robb Montgomery, rather the power comes from the content.  Okong’o returned to Kenya and included a variety of interviews to weave a compelling new perspective on the president’s popularity abroad.

Clarin, a prominent news source in Latin America, put together this multimedia collection about drug-trafficking in Mexico.  Following the advice of Montgomery’s The problem with award winning video journalism, it is not just a television story that has been transferred to the web.  Rather, the user has control to navigate through a variety of multimedia content that form distinct chapters of the story.   The video pieces incorporate a mix of natural sound, interviews, archived footage, text, music and voiceovers to bring the stories to life.


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