Web news is not TV news

In his Journalism 2.0 blog, Mark Briggs cites the differences in how two mainstream news organizations approach a similar online video column.  The New York Times features David Pogue in a very familiar style similar to a television news story.  On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal allows Walter Mossberg to submit his reviews using a webcam and minimal editing and production.

I think Briggs hit the nail on the head with his statement that online video viewers are much more forgiving than TV viewers.  While both videos do a good job of delivering their message, I believe that Mossberg’s technique will become more and more common in the years to come.  With news organization struggling to find financial resources, efficiency will be crucial.  If Mossberg has the ability to reach and satisfy just as many viewers as Pogue, then his model will prevail because it’s easier and less expensive to produce.  Mossberg also has the advantage of timeliness because his videos only require a fraction of the shooting time compared to Pogue.


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