Video Script

This weekend I will be embarking on an epic adventure with five friends across the border to Squamish, British Columbia.  The focus of the trip is to take advantage of the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada” for some intense bouldering and day hikes.

matty21Photo courtesy

I will shoot video of the entire trip to make a sort of Memorial Day weekend documentary.  Throughout the four days I will interview my fellow travelers as well as locals.  I will shoot “lifestyle” scenes of the car ride, setting up our tents and hanging out in camp.  I will include an action montage of the climbing and hiking and be sure to incorporate different types of shots, especially ECU and POV.  These montages will accompany the voiceovers that I gain from interviews.  One of my goals is to get a lot of rich natural sound including local nature/birds, campfire, shoes and hands scraping on the rock, clanking steel water bottles, the thump of hiking boots on trail and sounds of swishing sticks and leaves as people pass by.

The biggest challenge will be condensing the footage into a two-minute story.  The amount of video I plan to shoot will enable me to produce a fairly fast-paced yet varied story.


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  1. Wow! Great project, Scott. Without a draft script, I can’t give you feedback, though.

    You’ll want to have your log documented before lab on Wednesday … and an idea of your opening/closing.


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