In a few words I’m a curious wanderer, life-loving minimalist, vegetarian frat-boy, beer-drinking triathlete, conscious consumer, outdoor enthusiast, hammock connoisseur, Spanish nerd, wanna-be vagabond and yerba mate devotee.

Sipping a mate on the rim of the Grand Canyon

Sipping a mate on the rim of the Grand Canyon

I grew up in the amazing Pacific Northwest town of Kenmore and just graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Spanish and Communications.  My love of español sent to me live and explore beautiful Granada, Spain and the quilombo of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I’ve studied new media and digital journalism and recently completed an internship with a local company working on  energy efficiency and community outreach.  For the summer of 2009, I will be working with the USFS on backcountry site maintenance in the Washington’s Alpine Lakes.   My future plans include a thorough exploration of Latin America while doing a variety of seasonal jobs focused on environmental and social justice through community based travel.


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for adding our website to your blogroll. I will keep up on your posts also.


    PS. How did you hear / find out about our website?


    • Posted by snordq on July 4, 2009 at 9:34 am

      I’m just startin out playin with my blog so I’ve been trying to explore other examples — came across yours from the Digital Vagabond site


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