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Worth 1,000 words

As a travel-enthusiast I can fully appreciate the amazing ability of a photo to whisk the viewer to a foreign land.  Here are just a few examples of good uses of photos in different kinds of stories.


  • I’m not a big fan of the layout of this site but the photos speak for themselves.  This is a series from the L.A. Times detailing the effects of Mexican President Felipe Caleron’s war on drugs.
  • Great combination of audio and photos to form a slideshow on the recovery process after Hurricane Katrina
  • Photo slideshow with simple but informative captions on the cocaine trade in Peru.

Individual photos

  • This shows how one photo can captivate the attention of the world. Steve McCurry shot this portrait for 1984 story in National Geographic  and Gula’ face (rather, eyes) became a symbol of the conflict.  She even inspired a follow up search and article in 2002.
  • This picture was featured in over 100 newspapers and led to later stories.  It created a character for millions of readers.
  • On a less serious note, this photo from The Seattle Times is fun and well-suited to the story.